Learn A New Skill With Crypto In 365 days : No Certification.

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It's said that it takes roughly 180 days to learn a new skill.

Skills can come in various forms, ranging from technical skills, communication skills and even learning skills.

Learning helps shape our approach and how we view things more logically.

We sometimes learn for the wrong reasons and often chose not to learn especially when it comes to crypto.

Learning Over Rewards

20220605_184533_0000.png Now that you're in the crypto-verse like me just rambling and gambling, with no special aim than making money...

Forgive me, but that's the first approach or notion people have about this space, but with time, this can change depending on how you can view cryptocurrency from different angles and how much value is being added through each Project that's launched for example on LEOFINANCE.

Making money is not the point, but learning how to add value to it, and getting a certificate is not the point but applying what you've learned in college to your life instead of going on a job-hunting mission when you're not adding value to yourself first.

This is one of the reasons why most users/investors focus on the upward move than the down and steady days we are experiencing now, The Bear Season

Are you not seeing anything else other than the money? Perhaps an understanding of the inner workings might help frame a better picture.

Why should you learn about the crypto space, maybe you've done a few trades, transactions, and Nft minting and even made a few bucks, and then you're a self-proclaimed crypto expert.

If that's me, I'll rather think not.

My question is...

Would you spend 365 days learning about cryptocurrency if given the Chance?

365 days of Crypto


You may not be able to learn everything crypto in the next 365 days.

What I can assure you is that continuous learning about crypto gives you an edge in the ever-changing world of tech & finance.

if you learned for a straight 365 days without gaining something of value to your life then, you can quit and head over to something else.

Also, you may not be certified for anything on this journey in any way with crypto, rather it's more like a hobby, a journey, it can be more like a skill if you're interested in the blockchain working, it depends on how you see it.

For me, that's the best possible way to go ATM. New year resolutions are too overrated so why not start something now if you have the spare time.

I will document each learning process on the blockchain and hopefully, we can learn together or not. We have many crypto Og's here but if you're someone like me, it's time to try and learn something new. I believe it's worth it

So Here We Go πŸ”‹


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