Splinterlands - Soulbound Reward Cards Printed

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read

When we were informed that the latest reward cards were to be locked up for a year it seemed like a great idea because it would reduce the current supply of cards that is for sale on the open market. The lower supply in turn would create what we had hope higher prices.

Over on Splintercards.com the amount of Soulbound cards created are nearly 14 million! For comparison the total amount of reward cards in circulation is:

A little over 102 million. That means there have been more than 10% Soulbound cards in player's hands to date relative to total amount of reward cards ever printed.

For a timeline we had Soulbound rewards introduce around the end of January 2023. This means in almost two months there is already more than 10% of the total supply of cards printed. It would take less than a year for Soulbound reward cards to rival that of all reward cards collections combined!

Personally I have close to 35k collection power. A staggering 25k are gold foil cards. It sure does not seem like a lot of Soulbound cards I personally own.

For now every player has to hold on to their Soulbounds rewards until one year is up. With supply continue to increase it will be interesting to see how much values the cards.

As I mention in prior post recently, that Soulbound cards have amazing art work. I may likely keep my Souldbound cards even when they are eligible to sell. Just difficult to pass up some really nice cards.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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