Earn Money by Selling your Ideas

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Hi everyone! I remember participating in some courses for entrepreneurs a while ago and asking about the possibility to earn money by selling your ideas. I wanted to do something I like without being enrolled in a full-time job, to express my creativity and to earn money from it. I didn't get any answer back then but meanwhile, I have discovered some possibilities.

So, I want to share with you a platform that can do that. The platform is called Squadhelp, a place where you can be paid for coming with names for businesses or products or even slogans.


The principle is quite simple. You receive a brief with the description of a business (it can be any type of business from various industries, such as finance, health, art, and so on...) suggesting what type of company they are, what type of product they want to develop and what type of name they would be searching for.


You sometimes have to complete an NDA and give names that also are domain-free (a fact which you can verify on the platform instantly). You can also text messages to the person launching the contest if you have additional questions and check for other people's questions and answers.


Squadhelp is grounded on the idea of crowdsourcing. You get scores based on your given names and only the person whose name is selected receives the money. It is usually around $200, but it can also be less or more.

When you enroll in the contests you can select which project you want to enter in, so you are not obliged to apply to all their projects. However, when you are a newbie, you get fewer projects and if your entries are not good over time, your number of entries could be reduced. So, you have to be careful when selecting the names. At first, you have around 3 entries per project.

When I first signed up on this platform...around 2 years ago...it was a fee of $10 to enroll, but I am not sure if it remained the same or changes were made in this respect. I now decided to give it a second try and go on the platform again because I didn't engage too much within the platform at that time and I didn't make any profit from it.

It takes some time to see the briefs and come with those names, but you can also use some additional tools to inspire you a bit, such as BizNameWIz, a business names generator. You have also lots of names within the platform for inspiration, some of them the winners of previous contests.


So, hope you find it useful!