TIK TOK...I'll pay you not πŸ˜…

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It's such a shitty situation that some social paying networks have decided to reward only some users from certain countries. This is not only the case of Tik Tok but of many others platforms. Why bother so much if a user is in the North Pole or on the Moon?

If people create good content, why not retribute them? I guess because the funds are not sufficient for everybody and those in the richest countries have an advantage only because they are populating those specific countries. Isn't that just stupid? And why not help poor ones?

Well...that's such an old story...the issues of people starving in some countries could have been resolved such a long time ago...but this is not a great business for those ruling the world...it is more rewarding for them to exploit those people...and nobody really cares...maybe some people from time to time throw them some crumbles...and that's all...and that's just so sad...