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10 months ago - 1 minutes read

Agree with your points, my good sir.

The main thing I don't see, is gaming adopting NFTs in an in-game item way. The problem I see, is regulators are gonna take one look at that concept and go "How is this different from micro-purchases in-game that we've already said are illegal?"

Obviously, not having your legal identity and personal information tied to you wallets helps with protecting consumer privacy, but then that creates an entirely different (and bigger) problem. Children access the internet all day, it's an accepted reality. As far as I know, there are no legitimate ways to prohibit children (especially those under the age of 13) from obtaining cryptocurrencies, obtaining leverage (something you cannot legally do in fiat - at least in the US), and essentially, operating with zero oversight, especially from their parents, who are ultimately responsible for their kids' actions, as their legal guardians.

The gambling issue will need to be resolved before any mass adoption of NFT-infused gaming really catches on, especially in countries that already have pretty lax banking standards.

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