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10 months ago - 1 minutes read

I know this is a bit late, but I followed the article trail from your latest write-up on the Metaverse concept.

So, I honestly hadn't thought about the "movie industry" in ages, and the reason is pretty simple. Hollywood stopped making films that appealed to me in any way, a long time ago. I don't pay for movie tickets and I don't watch new movies at all, and haven't for years now.

The concept of a metaverse incorporating indie movie production - oh boy - Hollywood has no idea what's coming for them. They thought YouTube was harmful to their bottom line, so they sued the shit out of them back in the day, I think the first one to cry was Viacom. It's rare to find full-length feature films on YouTube in 2022.

A metaverse where you could go see a movie, in VR, removes the need for Hollywood really at all, and much like a VR-accessible art gallery (for both real world art and NFTs) is just the tip of the iceburg. I noticed the NBA provides VR feeds of certain game broadcasts (TNT comes to mind) and I know they did things for their All-Star Weekend in February this year.

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