Chaos Legion Vouchers: To Sell Or Not To Sell? | Splinterlands #128

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The splinterlands team has been on a roll the past week in building up FOMO and hype for the release of Chaos Legion editions. Over the past few days, we have had the official launch of Chaos Legion pre-sale, which saw the price of $voucher reach a high of $50, which has since been stabilizing in the region of $18 - $25. Similarly, how the price of $SPS exceeded people's expectations, I don't think anyone expected the price of the $voucher to be this high. I don't see how this price is sustainable, but it's not for me to decide as I am just one player, and the market is clearly stating the opposite viewpoint that people are pushing and shoving to get some of the pre-sale perks.


Ever since I have been playing card games, I have never been a person to buy packs. I would much prefer to purchase single cards that match my gameplay style or strategy. When I discovered splinterlands, Untamed edition packs had been released, and the hype was building for the Azmare Dice edition. I didn't get caught up in the hype as I was still learning splinterlands and its ecosystem. When Chaos Legion was announced, I decided that I would set a goal of purchasing 100 packs. When pre-sale details were announced, I thought it would be great to get cheaper packs with the 10% discount (when purchasing via $SPS). This was my initial plan.


However, when the pre-sale details were released, I quickly realized that I only had enough $SPS staked to buy less than 50 packs. At the moment, I am receiving a 1.249 $voucher per day. I thought to myself, I would purchase $vouchers to make up the remainder I needed to get to 100 pre-sale packs. This was all before the $voucher went live and started trading on hive-engine.


As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, the $voucher has reached insanity levels, and I am more than happy to sell my $voucher and sit on the sidelines for the next 30 days while I wait for the Chaos Legion packs to go on sale. I quickly calculated the different price levels of $voucher and how much they would contribute to purchasing 100 packs ($400).

| $VOUCHER Different Price Scenarios | $5 | $10 | $15 | $18 (Current Price) | $20 | | ------------------------------------------- | ------- | ------- | ------- | ------------------- | ------- | | Numer of $voucher per day: 1.249 * 30 days | $187.35 | $374.70 | $562.05 | $674.46 | $749.40 | | 100 Choas Legion Packs ($400) | 47% | 94% | 141% | 169% | 187% |

Even if the price of $voucher reaches $5 over the next month, it will still help cover 47% of the cost of purchasing 100 packs. If $voucher remains at this current price level ($18), selling my $vouchers over the next 30 would cover purchasing 169 packs. Yes, I will lose out on the perks of participating in the pre-sale, but this is a no-brainer situation for me to capitalize on the FOMO and hype and bide my time and have the patience to purchase the Chaos Legion packs.

What is your strategy with the pre-sale? Are you selling $vouchers or utilizing them to get in on the pre-sale perks? And how many packs have you set out to purchase for Chaos Legion?


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