Buying SPI Equals Means Buying Satoshis

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6 months ago - 1 minutes read

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The SPI Team HODL's ONE Bitcoin

If you look at their lastest report, you will find this chart.

Which explains that the SPI team has 0.97 Bitcoin

Screenshot 20221120 22.20.50.png

The Amount of SPI Tokens are Finite

If you look at this chart, from the same report.

Screenshot 20221120 22.23.39.png

You see that only 100,000 SPI tokens were created, that 6000 were burnt which means there are only 94,000 left.

This means that every time you are buying one SPI, you are buying just about 0.00001 Bitcoin.

That's a pretty cool parlor trick for our Home Grown Mutual Funds Group. Spinvest.

What other Hive Engine Projects do you know that are backed by bitcoin?

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