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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

What is the difference between farms and dens

I have read plenty of places that DENS are safer, but why?

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What the heck is going on here?

Screenshot 20210316 at 12.34.57 PM.png

While I was figuring out how to use my CUB, I ended up making a bunch of transactions I did not need to make.

I opened a Binance Chain Account

I opened a Binance US Account

I transferred HBD out to try to buy BNB (Now I have $18 worth of bitcoin in ionomy and no way to take it out because it costs more to transfer than what I have)

I transferred litcoin into Binance US

I traded litecoin for bitcoin

I finally bought BNB

I somehow wrapped leo into bLEO

Then I finally got my CUB staked and was happy.

But what to do about that bLEO?

I tried to turn it into BLEO-BNB LP STAKED, and did so in two transactions even though I used the "max amount" twice.

Then I staked it.

Then I lost it

And now I can see that I have ZERO BLEO-BNB LP staked, yet it is earning CUB

How I am earning on ZERO BLEO BNB LP?

Is it because I transferred so little in that it shows up as zero?

From the number that is missing from my wallets it seems that I have at least $40 in there.

So please...

  1. difference between farms and dens
  2. can you explain my screen shot?

When I started earning crypto it was the most difficult thing to learn for me... ever. Now I can explain it easier than I can explain why the "a" makes so many different sounds in the english language.

I look forward to your answers.

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