Health Benefits of Home Ownership - AKA I Had To Clear My Garage

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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

I want to say something like, it is unbelievably amazing, or, I am in awe of how expensive it is to move.

But that's just San Diego Living.

Especially when you are "old enough."

I mean, in these times and prices, paying a cousin with pizza and beer is almost the same price to hire professionals... with insurance. Especially since most of my cousins have kids...

Today I get my washer and dryer delivered!

I feel a little tug of social injustice for people who have to use the launder mat. That there is some hard work! And expensive.

Do I buy the tiny jugs of Laundry Detergent, and make it easy to carry or store? Or do I buy the Giant Jugs for double the price but a ridiculous amount more product?

And then the dryer fools you because it only charges for 8 minutes at a time. Nothing really dries in 8 minutes.


But I had to make room in the Garage for my Washer and Dryer.

The slow and methodical way of unpacking.

The one I could get paid to write articles about, is not the route we took.

We don't have clearly labeled boxes, which you open up one at a time, making sure you empty them completely and folding up the box, to pass on for the next people moving.

Instead, we have a bunch of half opened boxes everywhere, and empty ones too, and furniture that didn't survive, and furniture that didn't quite fit.

And that's why garages suck, because I would have gotten rid of all that extra stuff in a hurry, if the boxes were in my living room.


But anyway,

I had to clear a space.

So wow.home ownership really does keep me active and busy.

Moving boxes around actually makes one have to break a sweat. And of course, I carry with my legs.

And tomorrow morning is yard day...

I guess I will be carrying more buckets and hoses and sweeping, and mowing? All the tools are in my garage, I just don't know how to use them.

I am loving these benefits of home ownership.

Every day, I am tending to my home and making my body stronger.

Every day, I feel wealthier. Like finally having my forever home helps with so much more than just finances.