Language Inflation on the Blockchain and Threads as the Cure

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6 months ago - 2 minutes read

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Language inflation is all about giving it 110%

With language inflation you are a super star, you have epic fails, your tacos have awesome sauce on them, and you get mega tired.

This ultra genius way of speaking makes it seem so that when you simply state you are tired, the message does not get conveyed.

Language inflation also has to do with using a lot of words

As I type my post, I look at the word count.

Can a 100 word post, that only takes one minute to read, be considered valuable?

(According to google's latest changes, yes)

The best part of my writing, is when I go back and read my post with the full intention of getting rid of at least 25% of the words.

Why? Because I don't want to feed my readers, language inflation.

This is why I love the Threads Feature on LeoFinance so much

Most of the posts on the blockchain, can be reduced to a 240 character thread.

But only if you go through and get rid of the "super","epic" and "mega" describer words.

Only if you are able to optimize your sentence structure.

On Threads, you really have to stick to less being more, especially if you are sharing a link or picture.

I invite you to come to thread and share some of your posts

But only using 240 characters to convey their full message from start to finish.

Can you do that?

I also invite you to start editing your posts, aiming to make them all 75% shorter.

I understand that some may argue that a post is not valuable because it only take a minute or two to read.

I argue that someone who can convey a solid message in less than three minutes is infinitely more valuable than the person who uses over-inflated flowery language.

What do you think? Do you see a lot of language inflation here on the blockchain?

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