Money Mantra: Paid in Full

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6 months ago - 2 minutes read

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Money Mantras are sayings you repeat to yourself

One I have been saying over and over again is: Paid in Full.

What is paid in full?

Everything is paid in full

One of the amazing things about Money Mantras is that you are the only one who needs to understand it.

Your Money Mantra does not have to make sense to anyone but you.

It is also ok if you want to explain your mantra.

Paid in Full, for me, is a filler energy. I am filling myself with pictures of paid in full, as a sort of medicine.

Medicine for the energy I hold around debt.

For years I have been "trying to get rid of debt" and asking Affirmation questions to get rid of it.

See the silliness there? I have been re-affirming debt.

Even if its the getting rid of it, I've still been playing in the energy of debt.

And one way to get out of that energy debt

Is to fill yourself with something new.

I am also clearing the deep fear about not being able to pay.

Clear and transmute everywhere I can't pay!

I am also giving permission to all the parts of me that were working on "debt free" to work on another project.

Perhaps on helping me create a beautiful garden?

Paid in full is the energy I am refilling with

Monthly bills?

paid in full


Paid in full

Any other recurring debt or payment, Paid in Full

There are some things you can control in this world

One of them is the type of energy you store in your body.

Today, I wish to store the energy of "Paid in Full"

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