Personal Challenge - Power Up 500 LEO, and Write 50 Posts

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6 months ago - 2 minutes read

Hello Lions and thank you for taking the time to read my post

I'm excited to get started with this challenge.

Powering up 500 LEO should be doable because I already DCA into LEO

I take HIVE that was earned/bought long ago, and delegate it to @leofinance

This in turn pays me daily LEO.

This makes it so that words I wrote long ago, are still bringing in Residual Income.

The amount of tokens receives varies, so I am challenging myself to write 50 finance related posts, to help the LEO earnings come along.

I recognize that the posts would have to be written 7 days before LPUD in order to pay out in time, so I am treating it as two separate challenges.

I love writing and I love the blockchain, but sometimes get too much in my head about what to write and when.

By challenging myself to write 50 finance related posts, I am giving myself ample writing topics.

I invite you to cheer me on by reading my posts and commenting.

I would promise nice upvotes, but I was apeing with LeoFi and they still haven't given me back my LEO Power.

If I look on LEODEX it lets me know that it is undelegating. Soon.

You'll have to settle for my gratitude, and comraderie.

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