Spinvest is Giving AirDrops, But Why?

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5 months ago - 1 minutes read

I have been purchasing SPI tokens since they first went on sale.

Ever since their first post, they had me hooked, and I had my eye on owning 1000 tokens, or 1% of the fund.

I finally got there, which made me eligible to receive some airdrops, all while calling me a King.

But why is SPI giving away airdrops?

Because the team is smart.

One of the best qualities of owning SPI is that you can sell the tokens back to the fund. Directly.

Sure, you could go on HIVE-Engine and sell them under value:

Screenshot 20221229 11.34.52.png

Or, you could go to the latest post, see their actual value, and sell them back to the team for that amount.


If you look at the top right corner, you will see that each SPI token is worth 3.87 HIVE.

It is in the best interest of the fund, to have long term investors.

Having to deal with constantly buying the fund back, and liquidating assets would be a money losing strategy, and the team is about growth.

What Makes long term investors happy?

Weekly dividends, ability to buy more shares on sale, constant growth in value, and airdrops.

What I am most happpy about is the mentality of the fund.

Sending merchandise to investors, providing quarterly reports, weekly income, and bonus quarterly income is what Million dollar funds are about

I think the team knows that we are headed in that direction and wants to manifest it that much faster.

How many shares of the Blockchains first Mutual Investment Account do you own?

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