The Resistance is in the Existence: Why Micro Accounts Are Important

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6 months ago - 2 minutes read

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Aave Froze Lending Two Days Ago

FTX went belly up

Bitcoin is going down to 10,000

Based off of headlines, one might lead themselves to believe that:

There is a war on Crypto.

Except there isn't.

Crypto is the future.

Crypto is the disrupter.

Crypto is the change we have been waiting for.

Crypto is the one waging war on the Established financial systems.

Next time you start feeling like your money is under attack, next time you feel like your crypto based business is the underdog that everyone is against, next time you start writing a post and feel like it is all for nought, remember: You are the resistance.

If crypto is waging a war on the establishment, you, crypto earner are a part of the resistance that is taking down the establishment.

The Major Players are the Developers

The leaders are the game creators, the blockchain makers, the whales and the large holders.

However, every single wallet that exists is a part of the war.

Have you ever signed a petition?

Holding a crypto wallet is the same as signing a petition, adding your name to the list of people who know there is something here that needs to be acknowledged.

Whales are investors

The more plebs with minor accounts that exist, the juicier the investment looks.

Developers need users

There will be no more games, unless there are potential players

What is being built here will not keep growing if it is not fed by new users

So next time you feel like your voice doesn't matter. Next time you feel like your account is too small. Next time you notice that nobody notices you.

Know that you are voting with your usage of time, and that you are important.

We need the micro accounts. We need the micro transactions.

The Resistance is in the existence

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