Using an AI to Come Up WIth Blog Posts and Guidelines

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5 months ago - 3 minutes read

This post is a free hand post and I did not use AI to write it

However, whenever I try to write marketing materials for my online business, I get stuck.

I feel like it is a mental block as I dislike building on someone else's platform, and building money for someone else.

I also dislike giving a platform more than 50% of my earnings.

Truth is though, that the platform I work at is established and brings in clients, and all I have to do to tap into that wealth of clients is be available.

They have everything set, all you have to do is add your copy, and turn on your chat, and 75% of the time, a client shows up and you can work.

This is why I hired an AI Writer for the month

I feel that when I write for my own blog, that I forever own the rights to, I can share my heart and soul, and its mine and I can choose what to do with it.

When I write for the platform blog, which is for everyone's benefit, I don't want to give my all. So automation it is.

Its kinda easy to use the writer.

Screenshot 20221218 08.18.43.png

You choose what you want it to write.

And then the output comes


Of course you have to do some heavy editing etc.

After you get your outline you can either fill in the blanks.

Or you can get the writer to write the sections for you


Here you can see that I slightly edited the text.

And then added some keywords

(I can vastly improve on finding my keywords)

There was a lot of nonsense spewed. But look at this golden nugget it wrote for me:


I can and will use that.

And now I was able to write a leofinance post about something relevant (Hiring an AI Writer for my marketing), I was able to get the bulk of blog post written, and my heart and soul and was kept intact, and I've been working on this for 23 minutes.

Pretty cool.

I was asked if I felt guilty about sending my clients AI text

Of course not! Its like hiring a high schooler to do writing for you and then heavily editing. Besides, when I talk to my clients, during paid readings, I give them my all.

Its just about getting more people to that point where they are actually usings your services.

And let me tell you, people LOVE my services.

Last week, I was able to send out 5 newsletters and publish 3 blog posts.

That's compared to my usual sitting on my laptop and complaining about how I have to write on my list, and how much that friggin platform robs me.

My vibration is much higher this week and so is my marketing.

Funny enough, my earning are higher too.

AI writers are here, and will be used more and more

Will you jump on the bandwagon and use them to aid you, or will you keep writing the old school way, all from your human self?

PS. If you want me to come up with some outlines or copy for you, I have this #paywithanupvote thread going


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