Ask Leo: acquiring possession is it a sign of riches

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3 months ago - 1 minutes read

People mistake the idea of acquiring possession and classify it as being wealthy which probably might be wrong if we look at it properly. Possession is really part of what we desire to have as humans which is necessary to acquire but doesn't mean such people is rich.


We live in a world where people are being carried away by possession they see and classify it as riches which most times is used to disguise people in other to hide their financial status.

To acquire possession is by choice but most times is necessary when you know your financial status and capability but can be wrong when there is nothing to maintain or back it up financially.

However, it is glaring to most people that possession is a manifestation of wealth because this is what they see and conclude and we should most times be careful with our decision and judgement. Though being wealthy requires one to have such possession but accepting that it can be a sign of richness is absolutely wrong.

Wealth is the main source of possession because without it there would be no sign of possession to be acquired and this is what one can use to judge a wealthy person especially when knowing the source of income of such people. Possession plays the role of making people look rich but can't be so sure if majority of them are rich.

Possession are material things which most people have, it only now depends on how we showcase ours that people use to judge if they are rich or not.