Money and it impact in our emotions

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3 months ago - 2 minutes read

There is no doubt that there is a lot of emotions derived from money which then varies or contribute in our actions when we have them or spend them. We tend to showcase such emotions about it when we know the value of what it can do.


People are always very emotional about money that we don't really know why and it varies on how people of different kinds showcases theirs that we can't really tell. However, when it comes to emotions it is very much difficult to stay calm especially when showing a strong emotions towards it.

The emotions about money is a general feeling and we can't do anything to stop displaying such act which is part of us. Sometimes this feelings and emotions about money involves when we really don't want to lose it and if we see it going towards that direction we intend to display such emotions by feeling sad or angry.

Being in such mood can be really difficult to control because we know how hard it is to handle such emotions when your finance is not yielding anything good with money. There is no doubt that when struggling to balance our financial life, it is said to require emotions which depends on how we handle it.

Imagine someone who engage on gambling, it is very glaring that a lot of emotions would occur which probably at the end may result to the person being happy, sad, angry or even regretful. This is to show that the importance of money If helpful and we don't want to lose it.

Another feelings that can occur is probably when you have enough cash at hand, there would be this feelings that the idea of trusting people very close to you would reduce which probably would generate fear in other not to fall in wrong hands.

There are so many scenes or areas that emotions might take place when it involves money but we should also try to take caution of it especially when it involves not losing it to avoid it not affect our health negatively.