No one is above problems because the rich also cry

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read

We live in a world where there are some challenges that takes place where even money can solve which is part of what is said to be experienced in life by some people. It is really challenging for the poor people to cater for themselves when they really need money to survive.


This is a big problem for them to survive which as we all know requires money which is important to solve that. However, money is not only needed for feeding alone but also need it importance to take care of one's health and necessary things to sustain as human.

This mindset might differs from the rich because looking at the scenerio or things involve is really what the rich can provide without a second thought but then they have their own problem that they face. Though, we can't compare the lifestyle of the rich and the poor because most things that the rich can provide the poor can't.

However, we shouldn't be surprise that the rich also cry because they have their own personal problems they face that one wouldn't know. The goal and aim of most people is to secure a better life to maintain financially without involving problem to it.

The rich are scared to lose their money which is normal to showcase such act because it wouldn't be funny if they really lose it. This mindset comes up most times when they run at loss without recovering, especially when putting money on Investments that will eventually crash. Despite been rich they have their own challenges that might not be really visible to others but is hurting them inside

There are times that some illness due occur which no one really prays for and most of this illness involves cancer which is a common illness among most rich people. Though, there are people who survives it but still we have some rich people that loses s love one through that which the money most times don't solve.

The life we are given is one which we aim to enjoy every part of it on earth without suffering but then some situations are inevitable which is born to happen even if money is involve it can't help. Money might solve most things but it is not everything.