The competition experienced when chasing success

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3 months ago - 2 minutes read

We live in a world where majority of us are after chasing the same goal to be successful which then differs on how we achieve them. This sometimes leads to competition where we have people who intend to surpass who they see above them by also working to achieve what they have achieved or do better than them.


I wouldn't say such mindset isn't appropriate because it is a sign of motivation that you can do better than what they've achieved or follow the same mindset to develop yours as well. However, we should be careful of competing sometimes which might lead to distraction.

We have our different ways of showing our quality on what we are good which is what defines our true self. Competition isn't the best way forward but believing in yourself in what you can offer will do you more good.

Competition also doesn't involves it coming from your side alone but also it attract other people to show their own quality to do better than you. It is a vice versa situation though but we should just be cautious of our actions towards it.

When you accept competition among other people it makes you feel like you are above them or you can't achieve what they have acquire which is either the good or bad but neglecting to do so and mind your business will be more preferable to grow.

We all can never be the same and we all have the goal mindset to be successful which is an important priority to go after but depends on how we take actions towards it. The thing is always try to be better and avoid competition and I believe with such aim there would be a better change to improve and grow.