The difficulties of being broke

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read

We humans always feel appreciated when we are in position of settling our bills and paying for expenses that wasn't planned for. No matter how little the income might be, it will still be manageable in other to take care of oneself and some little unwanted expenses.


It is never a good thing to be broke which most times makes people lose respect for such people and this can be worrisome in most cases for such people when they are not capable of providing for themselves.

The situation of the country for most people in challenging countries can testify to such situations where they have no options than to engage in any petty jobs just to survive for the day. There are people who have committed suicide due to such conditions likewise we have people that have lose hope in securing a better life.

It can be challenging and difficult to live as humans without a means to live on in other to sustain. Our everyday lives involve the use of money which as we know requires spending and buying of stuffs. This can be more worrisome when there is a family to take care of than when it involves you alone.

To be broke is never a good thing to experience because the world would look upside down as if nothing good is working and every efforts put in place is just wasted. Which is why we humans hustle to make money to survive though most can be through hardwork but still wouldn't matter if there is something to hope for at the end of the day.

No one wish to be in a difficult situation because to be broke can kill one's moral when there is no means anywhere to depend on, so we strive hard as humans to survive and hope that the future will change one's story for good.