Hive ecosystem part 6: LeoFinance Part 1 – Layer 0

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Dearest Hive community, we have reached the sixth chapter of this amazing journey in the Hive ecosystem! I am very glad that the various platform creators have answered my questions, because in this way I clarify further aspects of this world. Not only that, I also hope to do a nice thing for the people who have just approached Hive by giving them a chance to touch the vastness of this blog!

Let's drop the flimsy chatter and move on to talk about this dApp living within this ecosystem, almost creating one of its own!

Let's get started!


The project officially came to life in July 2019, and from there a very intense development began until we got the platform we all know. It doesn't stop at a simple blog, in itself it encompasses a multitude of dApps up to a full-fledged Dex! The opening screenshot is as follows:

Source: LeoFinance.io

In some ways it repeats some of the traits of Ecency, but only at the dislocation level of the menus; in fact, on the right-hand side we find all our profile data, notifications and the ability to activate the editor.

Source: LeoFinance.io

As with @Ecency, on the left side we have the actual editor, and on the right side the preview. Command bar placed at the top and on the bottom right side we find the publish buttons. Unlike Ecency, the developers of Leo, have added a button for a real preview where we can see our post as if it were published. Very useful, especially for paginating images and defining the size correctly.

But I won't bother you with the things that everyone knows and several times a day uses, let's get right into the heart of this ecosystem within the ecosystem. A nested ecosystem if we want to find a locution that comes from programming.

Just below the profile data, we find a bar with the words that have the highest indexing, note the right side where we find a mirror that informs us of Leo's tokenomic situation.

Well yes, Leofinance has its own token dedicated and created on the Hive blockchain. In this mirror we find the supply of the token and the allocation percentages between staking, liquidity and liquidity.

Layer 0

From LeoFinance's platform, one thing shines through immediately: the importance of community; in fact, LeoFinance's community is named Layer 0. Why precisely layer 0?

0 is before 1 and that is enough to understand that this project is all about community. On the other hand, without that nothing would exist! "Bitcoin is layer 1. Ethereum is layer 1. Hive is layer 1." LeoFinance community is layer 0 giving life to Layer 1, LeoFinance. This is the philosophy of LeoFinance!

Ah, what Genius in those words! And surely you all agree with me completely!

We, with our experiences in finance, with our market forecasts, create layer 1: if there are no people who bring value, if there is no layer 0 there will never be layer 1!

For all this we need to thank all LeoFinance activists: @Taskmaster4450, @Scaredycatguide, @Abh12345, @Gerber, @NealMcSpadden @khaleelkazi .

Thank you guys!

The dApps

Let's go ahead and take a look at the dApps and what usefulness they have:

Source: LeoFinance.io

Let's start with the first one, CubFinance: a platform from DeFi where we can direct our resources into Farm or Staking, all based on the world's best-known blockchain: BSC

Source: LeoFinance.io

Moving on we find LeoFi, another DeFi platform totally signed LeoFinance, which in some sections is still under development

WrappedLeo, a bridge for converting Leo tokens to other tokens or real coins!

And now we come to the flagship of LeoFinance (at least until LeoDefi is 100% operational!). Leo's Dex, where we can see charts and trade tokens as best we can and spasmodically accumulate Leos to put into staking.

Guys, it's too vast this ecosystem, so since I want you attentive and vigilant as I take you on this journey, I'll stop here for today, see you at the next installment of Hive ecosystem with the second part of LeoFinance!

Until next time, stay tuned you get the alert on the app when I publish!