The depth of Hive (pt 3): HiveBuzz

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As usual, this article has followed the usual dissemination channels on Medium and Publish0x.

Today we discuss an interesting interface that keeps track of our work on this magnificent blogging platform.


Yes you got it perfectly, I am talking about HiveBuzz an interface complete with bots that alerts us every time we reach a goal, let's see together how to use it correctly to get the most out of monitoring our progress.

In this article we are going to talk about numbers and statistics, and who knows why, in these situations numbers always get a bit heavy. Perhaps because they tell an objective truth, perhaps because they are not what we put so much effort into, the fact is that numbers in statistics are "uncomfortable."

I get a parallel with basket: we may have 90% possession of the ball compared to the opposing team, but if we lose by 10 points, it means that that 90% was inconsistent.

Here, this might be one of the reasons why statistics numbers are uncomfortable: they tell an absolute truth and confront us with the concreteness of our work.

For this reason, I will explain this interface in an amusing way by comparing my badges, with those of a user whose identity I will not reveal... In fact, I might put a prize for the guesser...

Of course it is all a game and there will be no winners, as the beauty of this platform is to grow together by playing, writing and exchanging points of view. Without competing in a sterile and useless way, but by engaging in uplifting challenges aimed primarily at growth.

However, I think it is inspiring for all of us because winning a badge is within everyone's reach!

In order to access our profile, we need to enter our nikname in the orange box, once we press enter, it will take us to the main screen.

Let's start with the opening screen, immediately at the top we see what kind of minnow we are and on the right a statistic of the returns (posts, upvotes and averages).

Just below we find a bar with differently colored tabs: for each tab, we enter the corresponding section that proposes:

  • NFT for Peace: NTF dedicated to the war in Russia;
  • Activity: in this section we find the various badges of publications (weekly, monthly and year author)
  • Personal: Various birthday badges on Hive and badges dedicated to particular days of the year (Christmas, Valentine's Day)
  • Meetups: all the badges from Meetups are collected here
  • Power Up: Section dedicated to the achievement of Power Up: Power Up Day, Power Up Month and Power Up Helper
  • Tours: the last tab is dedicated to a tour on the features of hivebuzz and Hive.blog in general.


The NTFs, devised by @arcange and his team, are divided into 2 series: the first consisting of 3 tokens, is an ode to "simple" peace, while the tokens in the Cities section, basically relate to the Ukrainian city bearing the same name as the token.

Of this section I do not bring a comparison because it is unnecessary: NFTs can be purchased and are not badges earned through one's own work.

Well, let's get to the heart of the challenge!

ACTIVITY - Mikezillo

ACTIVITY - Other Profile

With this section, we get into the heart of the profile statistics, we find all the numbers that make up notra "production" on Hive, from the number of posts, to the number of upvotes, until we get to the last most important badges: the Author Badges (weekly, Monthly and Yearly) notice the differences in the little numbers with purple background, but there are also equal situations: all three lower bars are green, and so we are all 2 in the running for the conquest of the Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Author!

Scrolling down we come to the next goals to be conquered:

NEXT AWARDS - Mikezillo

NEXT AWARDS - Other Profile

With each achievement, of the badge, the HiveBuzz BOT writes a comment in the last published article to alert us of the achievement.

PERSONAL - Mikezillo

Section dedicated to some personal badges, first and foremost the birthday badge that is awarded every completion of the calendar year, plus other badges that you earn as you evolve within the ecosystem. As you can see, the first birthday badge we received, we also got the one for delegating witnesses.

For each badge, simply hover the pointer over the badge, for which we want information.

PERSONAL - Other profile

As we can see it is an expanse of badges! Some of which are very quaint, like "not being friends with Steemit"!!! lol

Objectively, for the moment, we have not paid much attention to these badges because we are totally focused on the #oneyearchallenge with its 5000 HP goal!

MEETUPS - Mikezillo

The Meetups tab is the tab related to the collection of the various meetups that take place all over the world between hivers, if you remember well a few weeks ago I proposed to create a meetup for Italy: this would really make us honored and add another badge to the palmares.

If you do not remember the article or have not read it, you can refresh your memory here.

MEETUPS - Other Profile

As per the previous screenshot, practically all the badges have been conquered! This makes me proud because it will mean that we will have him as a guest at the Italian Meetup!

Let us now proceed to the actual tab to which all my efforts are directed: the Power Up!

POWER UP - Mikezillo

We have arrived at the tab on which our main monthly goals revolve: the PUD and PUM. Given the great difficulty in achieving the PUM, each month we discover aspects that for one reason or another make us lose it.

But as usual you know that we are not accustomed to defeats and so we persevere like a drop of water!

POWERUP - Other Profile

In this case the badges earned are almost equal, we are missing the January PUM which due to a very small inaccuracy I missed!


In the tour tab we see all that are the steps to be taken to be able to create a profile and be able to make the best use of this amazing platform (Hive.blog) of blogging.

Now, in order to be able to have access to any profile one has to call it up with the name of the profile to be typed in the appropriate fienestration.

A very trained observer might have noticed two little icons in the upper right hand side (next to the profile name entry window see previous screenshots)

The little icon with the crown is the world rankings, and the other is the official shop.

RANKING - Mikezillo

The profile name is highlighted in red for easier identification.

Spoiler: in just 21 days we went from 9491 to 8494 about 1000 positions! We are literally on fire!!, but I don't want to reveal anything, you will read about it on the 28th, with the new monthly #oneyearchallenge!

RANKING - Other Profile

Eheheh, I won't show it to you, otherwise you'll find out who I'm talking about and win the challenge!


As the last section we find the official shop of HiveBuzz, from shirts to mugs there are of all kinds and tastes!

We have come to the end of this roundup of our trusty management for growth in HIve.blog

Special thanks to @arcange for his contribution to the development of hivebuzz and especially to the always accurate answers he gives me when I ask him something.

That's all for today we will meet again in a few days that we will analyze one of the biggest satellite platforms of the hive system.

See you in a few days!