First! Financial Freedom, Then Mass Adoption.

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Hi guys, If you’re not talking about Twitter on Twitter, then you must be talking about the entire FTX saga and it’s ripple effects and I’m bored because people aren’t talking about the real things that matter.

Let’s take a look at Twitter, a supposed public forum for free speech where one man dictates the rules, just doesn’t sound right to me, such platform should be free of centralized ownership. Everybody is talking about this and why Twitter will fail.

Whereas, there is Hive, the only working technology that technically makes such public-forum platform possible as it’s supposed to be, truly censorship resistant and decentralized, where the community creates their own rules and govern themselves, Hive powers everything both Elon and Jack are bending necks to create, think Bluesky, think Twitter…

it even goes further to have its own form of monetization that kicks ass but people aren’t talking about it and no one can tell me it’s because they don’t know about it. CZ knows Hive, Jack Dorsey, Vitalik Buterin also does with most of their inner developer cliques, Hive did not fall out of the sky but none of them are talking about it.


It even gets more annoying, if you’re not talking about Twitter on Twitter, then you’re talking about FTX saga probably on Twitter! everybody is talking about the domino effects of cefi’s crash and how it is bad for crypto but only few are talking about the need to eradicate total dependency on cefi products and CEX’s by adopting the current alternative solutions in the space.

Crypto needs a decentralized exchange where people can trade native assets plus there’s only a handful of places to earn yield on Bitcoin, even at that, they have to be wrapped or require kyc, the world needs to earn yield on native assets in self custody and only THORChainhas been able to make a stride here but only few people are talking about it.

It’s like shouting that there are problems and ignoring the solutions. Vitalik Buterin and all other crypto dev OG know THORChain, or how are you even a prominent dev in a space and not know leading solutions within that space, why aren’t they talking about it? I don’t get.


Is the goal of crypto really mass adoption?

Stuff like these stifle adoption because the people who others are looking up to aren’t talking about the important things, about solutions, it’s infuriating sometimes.

We need to collaborate more to achieve mass adoption, we need to stop treating crypto as separate entities but it’s very hard because of the type of free market conditions it’s subjected to by nature.

Different types of players come in everyday, both good and bad, and bad players can be very good at making good players look bad and they also go on to build stuff obviously in their favor, mostly at the expense of others, shit tokens, and the “unaware” fall for them and loose their money. It makes me beg the question. Is the goal of crypto really mass adoption? Or financial freedom?

At this point, I’ll like to lean towards Financial freedom, providing the tools that people need to emancipate themselves from failed and corrupted legacy financial systems. I’m leaning more towards “build the tools the people will come” mantra because I came didn’t I? So did you if you’re here right now.

And as long as crypto relies on centralized exchanges for fiat to crypto conversions, then we are still far away from mass adoption which leads us right back to the matter, build the tools. I’m glad to always see Hive and Thorchain strive on with development, updates after update, setting us up for financial freedom and this is why I won’t stop talking about them.

Just sharing my present thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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