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2 years ago - 1 minutes read

So many interesting truths here, and quite rightly so, we are barely only scratching the surface. Looking at it from this perspective, what we’ve been able to accomplish so far has been on the helms of the quality of data we’ve been able to have access to, compared to before. I mean. Back in the day, there were limitations to the extent at which experimenting could go due to lack of proper data storage. And by proper I mean the one we have on blockchain. I can boldly say a lot of data have been lost in transition from generation to generation. Imagine for one that the data contained in the Bible was written on a blockchain, then we can be assured that the data therein will be as intact as possible. As we continue to build on blockchain we are giving generations to come access to pure unadulterated data. Who knows what could become of it in the future.

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