Rune LP Cheat Sheet + Trust wallet integrates Thorchain in latest upgrade.

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Today I was looking at my list of fav tokens on CoinGecko, $RUNE$1.160 particularly with regards to the entire AMM system that surrounds it. I’ve been studying the behavior of the RUNE-BTC pool for about 2 years now, first as a Liquidity Provider and then as an investor and I’ve learnt a lot.

RUNE LP cheat sheet.

Best time to be in the pool is when the paired asset to Rune is out performing RUNE. In the case of Rune-BTC pool, the best time to be in the pool is when BTC is outperforming RUNE in the sense that when RUNE is going down and BTC is going up or remains stagnant, you’ll be loosing position value, but gaining more RUNE in quantity.

This rarely happens though, because most of the time if the price of BTC is going up in reasonable margins, the rest of the market mostly follows suit, automatically increasing RUNE’s value because it is paired to all of them, I’ve talked about this before, if you don’t get it, ask me. So something has to trigger a drop in price of RUNE, watch out, maybe some crazy FUD lol.

If the price of BTC is going up and RUNE is going up, you’ll be loosing the quantity of both assets, but both assets will be more valuable in terms of dollars. So if you’re like me and want to print more RUNE without sweating much, timing the RUNE price action is very important. A bear market is typically the best time to be in the pool as when both paired assets go down, you print more RUNE.

This is not to say being in the pool during a bull market is bad, a bull market is best for earning fees from swaps, because your position holds more value and therefore attracts more shares of swap fees. Essentially, there’s no bad time to be in the pool, because being in the pool is you making your contribution to self sovereign future that we are building.

But if you want to print RUNE and think you can never have enough of it because you think it’s so valuable just like I do, there you have it, but then again, I guess everyone knows this.

The main icing on the cake for matters concerning RUNEis the fact that Trust wallet released a major upgrade signifying the integration of THORChain into Trust wallet, a non custodial decentralized wallet meets decentralized swaps. How bullish and exciting could this get. Check out the snippet.


It implies that as more people swap through their Trust wallets, more swap fees are generated for Liquidity Provider’s which automatically increases LP APR% and further incentivizes participation in providing liquidity. As more people provide liquidity, more RUNE is taken off the market as every token is paired to RUNE raising its value.🤯

People will be able to exchange a range of assets without giving up custody of their crypto or access keys, most interestingly they wouldn’t even know they are doing it through Thorchain and like that millions of people around the globe are being onboarded into the decentralized world of finance. Nice to see.

One question I have for anyone reading is that why is Trust wallet not using Uniswap or Sushiswap to power their cross chain swaps? Hmmn?

Bullish RUNE!!!! Bullish THORChain

Thanks for reading.

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