Why Binance's FUDs Might Actually Be a Good Thing for Investors

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read


Hey guys! It's that time of the month again when we see major FUD being spread about CZ and Binance, and the market turns red for a few days. But let's be real, this playbook is getting old. We've been through this before. If you recall my previous post, you'll know that this is nothing new.

First, it was the rumor of CZ performing illegal trading, which was later debunked. Then it was the SEC and Paxos on $BUSD it blew off, CZ dumped $1b into BTC ETH and BNB, BTC pumped.

Now, there are rumors that CZ and Binance are being sued by the CFTC over regulatory violations, insider trading, and secret in-house trading accounts. The FUD is wild.

I’ll like to point out that every time there's Binance FUD, it can be a sign to buy BNB. Why? Because Binance has proven time and time again that it's a resilient exchange that can weather any storm.

Every time there's FUD, BNB takes a hit, but it always bounces back stronger than before. If you look at the history of BNB's price, you'll see that every time there's FUD, it's a great buying opportunity. Just watch how this one plays out.


Some people are saying that this time it's for real, but they said the same thing last time and the time before that. I don't really care about the rumors though. What I care about is that CZ shouldn't have to carry the burden of an entire exchange on his shoulders. Is it really worth all of this?

Regulatory scrutiny is not the only challenge CZ and Binance face. Some disgruntled users generate FUD because they were put on hold by customer care. Being a philanthropist is hard because motives can be easily misunderstood. Some people just want Binance to sink no matter what.

Will this time be different, or is it just another month of Binance FUD? Only time will tell. But regardless, I'm not worried. I bought the Hive dip at $0.37, $25 worth. It's either up or down from here, right? Let's see what the future holds, and may the best outcome be the most interesting one.

One last thing before I go, CZ should really start considering retiring to the Bahamas where he’ll be sipping glass of fine wine with bikini bottoms around him and tanning in the sun while investing and building decentralized solutions before his name gets dragged further into the mud. As long as there’s someone to attack, it’ll never stop.

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