Gold has increased its value since its inception and continues to increase, proving itself to be a suitable investment field.

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The price of gold has stagnated against the dollar for the past 150 years. You may be surprised to know that in 1850 the price of gold per troy oz was $18.93. The troy-ounce standard of measurement we use for the weight of gold has a long history and the troy system originates from the medieval French city of Troyes. However, the price of gold remained unchanged from 1850 to 1871. There was some change in 1872 and the price of gold was 18.94 per troy oz which remained unchanged until 1888.

The price of gold was below $19 until 1918 and has made small rises several times before that. After that, the price of gold started to fluctuate widely and in 1973 it was $97.39. In 2000, the price of gold hit 279.11 through a wide swing and has surpassed this price many times before. The price of gold stood at $1224 in 2010 and $1571 in 2011, thus the price of gold has increased significantly to $1875 today.

Now if you think about the price of gold, you can see that the price of gold has increased the most since 2000. All those who have invested in gold in the past have profited because the price of gold has only gone up since the beginning and those who have bought gold since 2000 are now profiting manifold.

I think gold will continue to increase its value like this in the future. No matter how many economic crises there are in the future, the price of gold will continue to rise and its investors will profit until the end of the world. Gold is the perfect investment field for the savvy and is largely risk-free. Gold is the perfect way to save money. So we should not move away from gold
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