Gold To The Space

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xau.PNG Gold ran toward the space and made a strong move. The current price of gold is $1860. Earlier, gold broke the $1824 resistance level and converted it into support. It bounces back to support and retests and moves higher. The 1824 support level has played an important role in increasing the price of gold. We consider this level to be effective and expect to retest and bounce if the market retraces back to this level.


If we look at the Dollar Index (DXY), we will see that the value of this index has increased. Monday The value of the Dollar Index started to rise; today Wednesday it is slightly lower. Despite the increase in the value of the Dollar Index, rising gold prices mean that people are buying gold. Additional money flow in gold is being identified as the reason for this price increase.

Use your knowledge in trading and learn trading yourself then do it. Don't invest in other people's words, know that trading is very risky

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