What will be the price of gold at the end of 2023?

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The US economy is in recession. It is very difficult to know when this economic recession will end, but it can be predicted that it will take more time. As a result, the price of gold is rising and is expected to rise. The increase in investment in gold is another major reason for the rise in gold prices. People are investing in gold because they consider gold to be a safe investment in this situation. As people lose confidence in the usd currency they will invest in gold because they don't want to lose their hard earned money.

News reports suggest that the US will not raise interest rates at this time. Investment will not increase if interest rates are not raised. So the fall of usd will not stop easily. The value of the usd does not seem to rise if not fall. So 2023 is a big year for gold when its price will increase. 2023 seems to be the perfect time for gold to shine even more

Gold prices look set to break all-time highs in 2023. It is very difficult to say what the maximum price of gold will be. I think gold will go near $2400. Many economists are making even crazier predictions that gold will break $4000 in 2024. I don't feel like them. If the price of gold is like this then the world economy will be destroyed. Gold prices so high are possible without the world economy or the US economy collapsing

A country's economy is not easily destroyed. So the price of gold will increase slowly. Investment in gold will increase. Again, gold is not a crazy asset that will double quickly. But in 2023 we could see gold near $2400.

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