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"How will I earn money on the internet?"

That was a question to me when I was tired of using the internet for entertainment but just wasting money. Thanks to a friend for inviting me to this platform but it's not that I learned from him. Of course, the hive platform opened my eyes to what blockchain is and what crypto is. All I knew before was real money or cash money (sorry, just ignorant.) Why would I think of cryptocurrency anyway when I didn't realize they exist.

At first, I couldn't believe that I could really earn money. I was a little bit suspicious but at the same time interested. Who wouldn't want to be interested when you didn't need to go out or to do work with bosses to earn money? Just by having fun with the help of the internet and when you get bored start creating content to earn. Who will be pressured anyway when creating content is fun and engaging content like having conversations is fun. You will be having fun but at the same time earning crypto little by little and when it takes longer it can be bigger.

Though I write most of the time in hive because my thoughts about finances are limited. Even so, leofinance offers me much money that I couldn't imagine. When I started writing in leofinance I was very surprised because I wasn't just earning hive tokens but also leofinance tokens. That's the time I realized that hitting two birds with one stone is possible.

Writing on this platform is very profitable for me. Way back in 2020 when I was stranded in the city without family and without a job, thanks COVID. I didn't know whom to ask since I think most people those days were in the hardships of life. I kept writing on this platform hoping to earn bigger, well, if it's just smaller there would always be. So, my stranded in that city last year was not that hard and thanks to the hive and Leo finance. Well, it filled my stomach because of the tokens that I earned and converted them into BTC and then PHP to be used in our country.

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Most of us for sure are afraid to create content because of feeling unsure about the content to post. Well, if you're afraid of writing or creating content why not engage. Some people earn as well just by engaging creators and expressing their thoughts from what they read. It's like the content creators will feel delighted when someone takes the time to read or watch their content. In return, of course, a nice upvote to those engagers. This is what I'm talking about, enjoying the content through reading or watching and then earning tokens in return. No losses but instead all are winners.

Here's one more thing, you will not just earn crypto here but give you knowledge in the blockchain. Consider it as a subject in your school and it's about finances. Imagine, you can earn cryptos and then you can earn knowledge about blockchain. Let's not forget that being updated about the happenings in the crypto world can be found here. A lot of people are sharing their thoughts about crypto and will be helpful to you if you're just starting. This can be your stepping stone to aim higher in the crypto world. It won't happen right away but in time it will just like the value of hive. It takes time but as you can see right now, it's pumping.

All you need is to spend your time on the internet. Just enjoy and learn from the other content creators. It's not easy to find free cryptocurrency with so much value. "Be late or you will regret it."

By the way for those who are interested this call to action from leofinance, check here

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