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4 months ago - 3 minutes read

Hello friends

Happy weekend and hoping that you are doing good and having nice time.

Today in this post I am talking about the daily burn mechanism which is in place for the Chaos Legion packs. We often here about the coin or token burn in cryptocurrency market and even recently I have seen ab update from binance that they did burn BNB. The reason why burn is helpful because this reduce supply of the total coin in the market and price is determined by supply and demand. If there is more supply than demand then price will be low similarly if demand is higher but supply is low then price is going to increase.

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src The total supply for chaos legion pack is 15 million which is high and this is the reason why they have decided to reduce it through the daily burn. This was implemented through the community proposal and it was passed with full support which means even community want this to happen. We cannot see the impact in the game immediately but in the long run I believe it will help a lot. I expect that it will even bring more value to the game and upcoming edition of booster packs. I believe these initiatives are very much needed in any project and depending upon need they should perform.

The another benefit that people are getting through the burn is that they are getting their air drop card earlier than they think. Everyone wants to have the air drop at soon as possible and now it is happening because the supply is reducing and with every 1 million milestone they are giving the AirDrop to all eligible account holders. Now since the prices for the chaos cards is low so it is good time and even I will be buying some card soon. My preferred cards will be from this addition only and hopefully I will be buying some summoners this time on which I am only working on. The problem with me is that I am not much aware about the cards and this is why it takes time for me to understand which one I should buy. There are multiple factors that needs to be considered but I am not aware of it.

This is splinterland game is such a fantastic game and we need not to prove it. Some people might be expecting that the game will not go but I think it is just matter of time that prices are on the lower side. You never know when something just kicks off and that can contribute for the sudden price spike. We often look for the opportunities to buy the assets at bottom price but we do not know whether it is water or not and this is why I think whenever we find a better price we should buy without waiting for there for even more reduction in price.

I keep on exploring many things and these days I think burn is one of the aspect that should be considered and I must appreciate that team is doing the right thing. Splinterland team is so enthusiastic and innovative that the understand whatever is needed to bring more value in the project. The game has bright future and hopefully we are going to see this happening in next few years.

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Keep on playing the game and have fun.

Thanks a lot

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