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9 months ago - 3 minutes read

SPS token is highly undervalued I believe these days because the price is quite low as compared to what APR we can earn with staking. Another upcoming excitement that we are going to see is the rift water packs which will also consume a very good amount of sps tokens for the purchase. As per the latest town hall update team is also planning to introduce the sps token as part of the reward system that will replace the DEC token however rewarded sps will come in form of stake and not liquid. I think this is good because players will be able to start earning a decent apr with immediate effect the moment they receive the reward and this is going to be another value addition in the token economy.

The current price of sps token is somewhere around $0.07 and for the last two few days, this has been hovering around. Rift water packs are expected to be launched in the next month find probably before the presale there will be a spike in the price for sps and voucher tokens which is highly expected to happen.

Below is the one-month historical chart for sps tokens and you will see that there has been a growth of almost 50% in the price but surprisingly most of us did not notice this change. I'm very sure that whoever got the opportunity to buy more tokens at the price of $0.05 must be very happy because now their investment has got up by almost 1.5x. This is just the beginning because I anticipate that the SPS token should go 100X from this price range however I'm not sure how much time it is going to take but I'm quite sure about the price movement



there is no reason that open will not grow over time because it has everything that we all need for any token to grow over some time. Splinterlands is a leading play-to-earn game where everyday thousands of players are joining, and this game has been giving a bunch of opportunities for the players and investors to earn money through the gaming segment. Now gaming is not just for entertainment instead it is a serious game of investment where we can make good money if we follow a good strategy.

In the coming days, we are going to have much more that can be a great opportunity to invest including the upcoming packs and even taking part in the presale which can bring on the level of reward. Usually, the reward offered during the presale is higher and later we rarely get this kind of opportunity This is why I feel it is highly recommended to be part of the presale so that our investment is not just offering us a better return but also, we get something to add on as a bonus on the investment.


There are so many things to buy and accumulate but as of now, my focus is only on sps these days because I see this as a great opportunity and I'm not sure whether we will be able to get it later. Cards and packs are another opportunity, but we need to have a balance between both, and This is why I say yes for sps. So are you planning to buy the rift watcher packs fears if you do not have enough sps then now is the time for you to buy and then wait for some time because when the sale will be on price is expected to go high. I hope if this price goes slightly down again and I can get more tokens and it would be great if I can buy another bunch at the price of $0.05 so let's see how things will be unfolded in the coming days.

I keep a close eye on the town hall updates and this way I get to know about many upcoming things so I suggest everyone do the same if you are looking for eating every update about this leading game and what team is about to launch in the future.

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