The Positive impact of Chaos legion daily Burn in Splinterlands

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4 months ago - 3 minutes read

We have seen a couple of airdrops in Chaos Legion edition coming faster and it's because of the daily burn. This supply for chaos legion addition is 15 million which is high so to manage this higher supply the project has decided that they are going to burn 25000 packs every day. A proposal was submitted to get this support from the community, and it was supported by the majority. The burn process was started in December month, and it will continue to execute until 31st March or the end of supply whichever comes first.


Now because the burning process has already been started effectively in December month so we can see the AirDrop coming faster. As of now there are only two cards that are pending, and we are going to have both soon however the one is already announced this week. The current supply is also reduced a lot and currently, 12.6 million packs are sold or burnt. Because of the burn, the packs are reducing faster which I think is a good move and the team has done the right action and the right time. Whoever wants to buy the pack and steel by advance this supply is over then we will be able to buy only from the open market and not from the shop.

It is important to reduce the supply for the CL edition because we already have many editions called rift watchers. Once the last addition is exhausted then only, we can see more attraction in the new edition. I would like to highlight one thing here the team has already clarified that they are not in Harry to launch another addition to the game instead their plan is to increase the demand first before they come out with the next edition. I like this initiative by the team because now they are focused to build more value in the project, and I believe this is the first step towards betterment. Creating and launching a new edition is not worth it unless there is enough demand in the market. Because of the serial cards, we can see that card prices are dropped due to the higher supply.



Even rift watcher packs are available in the shop that a lower price. It is very simple if I get a card at a lower price from any addition then as a player, I will not buy the card which is expensive and offers similar abilities. There are so many cards in the game that we can choose to get similar benefits in the game. As a player, my preference will always be to buy the cards that are available at a lower price and offer better benefits. I did buy most of my cards purchase from the CL edition because the cards are available at a discounted price. I am not sure if the situation will remain the same after the supply gets exhausted.

It is expected that once CL packs are moved out of circulation from the shop then we can see the price spike so it's better to buy more now and even buying packs is a good idea. I am not sharing any financial advice and please make sure to do your study before you plan for the investment. I did buy some cards from Chaos legion this week and hoping that I will be able to buy some more in the next few weeks.

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Keep on playing the game and have fun.

Thank you

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