5 Crypto Youtube Channels I Follow Regularly

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I follow several Youtube publishers and Leo Finance writers to keep my crypto knowledge current. Since I have been following YouTubers for a long time, I have had the opportunity to learn their strengths and weaknesses.

Coin Bureau - Guy Turner

Coin Bureau is a Youtube channel where I learned a lot about crypto. I especially benefited from the videos about various cryptocurrency ecosystems. Part of the reason I like "Crypto Guy"'s posts is that he supports his narrative with lots of data. The weekly newsletter also helps me keep up with the agenda. Guy Turner is a good trainer, but the same cannot be said for his predictions. Like many YouTubers, Guy did not foresee the coming of the bear market. He also failed to foresee the fate of Terra Luna and the problems FTX/Alameda Research would create. Still, I sympathize with "Crypto Guy" and follow his videos regularly.

Into The Cryptoverse - Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen specializes in technical analysis. I think he is the best interpreter for the price movements of cryptocurrencies. He also uses economic data in his analysis and bases his inferences on data. Although Benjamin Cowen did not predict the 2022 bear market, he found that things were getting worse in the second quarter of the year. Therefore, his followers were aware of the bear market before the collapse of Terra Luna. He also stated that things would take a long time to improve after the bear market started. Predictions that interest rate hikes could reach five percent were also correct. Benjamin Cowen predicts that the bear market will last until the end of this year. On the other hand, he does not deny the possibility of a possible bull market.

Datadash - Nicholas Merten

Nicholas Merge is one of the Youtubers whose knowledge I benefited from technical analysis. A Youtuber with high analytical skills. Although he is knowledgeable about analysis techniques, it is difficult to say that he is successful in his predictions. He was one of the last analysts to acknowledge the existence of a bear market last year. He expresses his ideas that the bear market will continue long since last summer. He is now defending the views that crypto and the tech industry will underperform for a long time. I believe that the cumulative effects of technological developments will create stronger bull markets each time. Therefore, I disagree with Nicholas Merten's views. I still follow his videos with interest.

Coinsider - Kevin Ting

Coinsider doesn't post videos as often as other channels on the list, but the content is of good quality. Kevin Ting has one important feature: He openly expresses his negative views on cryptocurrency ecosystems. For example, he had foretold that Terra Luna was unsustainable. His critical posts about the popular coins of that era ensure that his followers stay away from pumped coins. I also enjoy watching the videos where he compares the coins in a certain category.

Altcoin Daily - Aaron and Austin Arnold

The crypto news channel Altcoin Daily is useful for following the agenda. Altcoin Daily news features videos of people who can influence the industry, and the Arnold brothers comment on the content in the selected videos. Interviews are also an important part of altcoin daily content. The Arnold brothers act more like reporters than commentators, helping us catch up on important crypto news.


In addition to the channels I have listed above, I follow the content published on Hive daily. On the other hand, operations on crypto infrastructures are as instructive as theoretical knowledge because we can compare the discourses with the facts.

Thank you for reading.

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