Is It Worth Buying Energy In Splinterlands?

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According to Splinterlands' changed energy system, 100% of rewards are earned from all matches. The energy meter increments every hour and reaches 50 when fully charged. In addition, players can buy 50 additional pieces of energy every day. Therefore, players can play 74 matches with 24 regular rights every day. Unit surcharge for bronze, silver, gold, diamond, and champions leagues are 1, 10, 50, 150, and 500 DEC, respectively. Payments can also be made with DEC-B. Since DEC-B is on sale with a 20% discount until April 9, we can make a discounted purchase.

So, do the prizes cover the additional payment we make? The answer to this question will vary depending on the league and the player's skills because the amount of SPS earned differs significantly. Therefore, it will be more rational to buy energy while fighting in the champions one league rather than buying energy in the champions three league. The purchase made can also assist players in the ranking challenge. In addition, we must consider the percentage of wins in our calculations.

Many Splinterlands players are trying to level up their soulbound reward cards as soon as possible. The ability to purchase battle can help players achieve this goal.

So, can the average player make a profit by purchasing additional games? Let's first calculate how much an average player fighting in the champions league earns. For example, I won $70 rewards for about 99 champion chests in two previous seasons. I calculated the amount assuming that the value of soulbound reward cards is the same as other reward cards. The $70 win comprised $37 in SPS rewards and $33 in soulbound card rewards. An average player in the Champions League has a 50% win percentage. Each win gives 0.66 daily, 0.66 seasonal reward chests. (Many factors affect these numbers. I'm calculating from my own rewards.)

When we solve the above math problem, we see that 99 reward chests were received thanks to 75 wins. Since my win percentage is 50%, I conclude that I have earned $70 in 150 games. So I earn $0.46 per game. At this point, I would like to note that the full payment has been made in liquid form. About half of the earnings are in illiquid soulbound cards.

The dollar equivalent of 500 DEC-B payments per game in the Champions League is $0.32. Comparing this number to the $0.46 gain, I see a profit.


My calculation shows that buying battle energy is a reasonable investment. Waiting for the soulbound reward cards to become tradable for the return to become clear will be necessary.

I have dealt with the subject on an individual basis so far. From a community perspective, every match purchased benefits all community members. Because DECs spent to buy games are burned. This will have an upside effect on the DEC price.

In this article, I made a calculation based on my own award amounts. I recommend everyone do their own calculation. As I mentioned above, many factors affect reward chests. In addition, the account will have different results based on leagues.

Thank you for reading.

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