Key Death Element Cards That Bring Victory In Splinterlands

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Death is not an element that Splinterlands players often prefer. My observations show that Water and Life elements are used very often. This situation is understandable; both are dominant elements. They hold a large number of premium cards. Moreover, the summoners of these elements create strong synergy with their monsters.

Like every element, Death has its strengths and weaknesses. One of the weaknesses of the Death is that its Summoners do not provide armor. On the other hand, we have Lux Vega, which we can use for every element for a while. Lux Vega provides extra health in addition to the two most critical stats, speed and armor. Therefore, I use the cards I will discuss in this article with Lux Vega.


Cursed Windeku is one of my favorite Splinterlands cards, and it is the cornerstone of my death element strategy. I will talk about some cards in this article that can only be effective in certain leagues. Cursed Windeku is an effective card in every league, from novice to champion. Low mana, high health, and thorn are the main features that make him attractive. Self-healing is added to these features in the Gold league, turning Cursed Windeku into an almost invincible beast. This state of invincibility is especially true for low and medium mana games. To benefit more from Cursed Windeku's features, combining it with the right summoner and cards is necessary. Lux Vega provides Cursed Windeku armor, speeding him up and increasing his health by one.


Weirding Warrior can be used in all low and medium-mana limited games thanks to its relatively low mana score. A card in the Silver league that provides two mana, two attack power, and shatters armor. Starting from the Gold league makes Cursed Windeku's thorn feature more effective. Rust is added to these features in the Diamond League. For only two mana, we strengthen Cursed Windeku and leave the opponents defenseless.


Shadowy Presence is a card that requires one mana. In return, it increases the health of all friendly monsters from the silver league by one. Also, when the shield is added, it stalls enemy monsters like all other cards. Best to deploy Shadowy Presence at the end. So our monsters can attack the opponent while he is slowing the opponent. Starting from the Diamond League, the Shadowy Presence melee attack adds an attack power to monsters. Thus, Cursed Windeku becomes stronger.


So far, we have added Lux Vega, Cursed Windeku, Weirding Warrior, and Shadovy Presence to our team. We spent 13 mana for these cards, and we have to add two more to our suit. The remaining two cards need to be fast and able to shoot back row. Silent Shiva is one of the ideal candidates for the remaining two rows. However, we can use other cards considering the mana limit of the game. Undead Badger and Maggots could be other candidates. We can even add Sand Worm from the neutral element if there is a large mana limit.


In today's article, I have listed death element cards that can be used in low and medium-mana limit games. The effectiveness of these cards varies according to leagues and rule sets. However, it is possible to use the team consisting of Lux Vega, Cursed Windeku, Weirding Warrior, and Shadovy Presence in about a third of the games because we can change two cards to be added to the team according to the mana limit.

No strategy guarantees success in Splinterlands. Because it is possible to make moves against every strategic plan. An Earth team with increased offensive power with Summoner Obsidian can beat the group above. On the other hand, if we do not take precautions against magic attacks, this risk also applies to other elements.

I produced the cover art via the Midjourney app using Weirding Warrior and Silent Shiva as prompts.

Thank you for reading.

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