ROI Calculation of The Last Season In Splinterlands

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Yesterday, the 105th season of Splinterlands was completed, and the players claimed season rewards. I started the season in the Diomand 2 league and finished the season in the Champion 2 league. I performed similarly to last season in many respects. I won 88 champion chests and 63 diamond chests in the season. We can have SPS, Reward Cards, Merits, and Packs in chests. Calculating the monetary value of these awards is a challenging job.

SPLEX.GG site has a feature called Reward Lookup. This feature shows the monetary equivalent of the SPS and packs prizes we have won during the season. These awards correspond to $ 37. I have to make some assumptions to calculate the monetary value of the 8768 merits and around 300 soulbound reward cards.

We can buy Gladius Card Packs with merits. The Gladius cards cannot be sold. On the other hand, we can use these cards in tournaments. Summoners, which have recently been allowed to use Gladius cards, have also been released. These summoners are still distributed as reward cards. A few months later, the number of players with full versions of these summoners will increase. And we will start to see Gladius cards in regular battles. There are about 50k in the market from each Common Gladius card. There are 25k of each rare Gladius card. So Gladius cards remain somewhere between Riftwatchers and Untamed cards regarding rareness. To stay cautious, I assume Gladius packages are similar to Riftwatchers packages. We can buy 1 Gladius package with 2000 Merit. So I won in the season 8800 merit. That is equivalent to 4.4 Gladius packages. So I found the value of Gladius packages as 18 dollars.

How can I calculate the monetary values of the reward cards I earn? Since these cards will remain soulbound for some time, we need to know their prices. My calculations indicate they will resemble the previous reward cards regarding rareness when the distribution is completed. Therefore, it seems reasonable to adapt the power to price transformation of last reward cards to soulbound cards. A chaos legion reward card with 500 Power is still sold for about $ 1. I applied this transformation to the Soulbound Reward cards through proportion. So I found the value of the cards I won last season $ 15. On the other hand, these cards will be sold in the earliest autumn; they have priceless value for players.

And, of course, I have rent expenses. To compete in the Champions League, we must rent plenty of cards. I make the rentals for two days and play until the Capture Rate drops to 50 %. I wait for my Capture Rate to rise in two days. Therefore, it is enough to make an 8-day rental during the season. I keep a daily rent of around $ 6. Although I have an extensive card portfolio, I paid $ 52 as card rent last season. More experienced players may remain competitive by making less rental. I need to improve myself.

I can now create a list of income expenses following the above explanations.

|ITEM|Revenue/Expense| |-|-| |SPS and Chaos Legion Card Packs|37 USD| |Gladius Packages (Cards) |18 USD| |SouldBound Reward Cards|15 USD| |Card Rents|-48 USD| |TOTAL|22 USD|


Assuming that prices will remain at existing levels for a long time, we will conclude that playing Spinterlands is not profitable. I have stated that I have an extensive card portfolio. I just rent expensive cards. If I had not played the game and rented my existing cards during the season, I could have earned a rental income of about 50 USD. But then, I would be deprived of the pleasure of the game.

What can I do to make the above table more positive? I've been battling for a few seasons in the Champions League. I hope my win rate will increase over time. On the other hand, I have never participated in tournaments except for the guild brawls. As of this season, I will also take part in tournaments.

It gives me pleasure to combat in Splinterlands. The money is in second place for now. The best investment I made was the house I bought to live in. It gained four times value on a dollar basis because it has utility. There is a similar situation for Splinterlands cards. Let's see what time will show us.

Thank you for reading.

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