Tech-Support Problem I am Having With Leo Finance

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A month ago today, I made two transactions using Leo Bridge. In the first of the transactions, I sent 5000 Leos from Hive Engine to Binance Smart Chain. I sent 5000 Leos from Hive Engine to the Polygon network in the second transaction. Transactions on Leo Bridge are concluded in a short time under normal circumstances. When I couldn't see Leos in my Metamask wallet, I created a ticket on Leo Finance's Discord server. The ticket was responded to quickly, and OxNifty, who was dealing with technical problems, asked me to create an extra ticket for the second transaction. After generating the second ticket, I started to wait. I did not expect the issue to be resolved soon, as my friend who introduced me to Leo Finance terminated her relationship with Leo Finance due to a technical problem. In addition, another friend, who used the Polycub application upon my recommendation, struggled to solve the technical problem for a long time.

A week later, I highlighted the problem through the tickets, and OxNifty replied that the first stage of the transaction was completed and that I had to wait my turn for @khaleelkazi, the founder of Leo Finance, to complete the transaction. The following week @anomadsoul from the Leo Finance community contacted me on Discord regarding another issue. I asked for his support to solve the problem I was experiencing. He was interested in the topic and said he would do his best to help. However, we could not make any progress as Khal was very busy at that time.

On February 20, I wrote a message on Leo Finance's public discord channel and asked community members to guide me. This time Khal took care of the issue and canceled the first transaction. We then wrote to Khal that the second transaction should also be canceled.

Since I am a determined person, I did not give up on the subject :) A week later, I reminded the issue on the ticket, and yesterday I brought the subject up again on the Leo Finance general Discord channel. I did not receive a response to the message in question. At the time of writing these lines, the problem still needs to be resolved.

I insistently bring the subject up because I believe technical problems should be solved within a week. In my humble opinion, solving the issues that users are experiencing should be the highest priority. If a systematic solution to the technical service problem can be found, it will contribute significantly to Leo Finance, which makes groundbreaking innovations in many areas.

Rewards from this post will go to the Hive Fund as it relates to a personal issue. Please upvote this post to help me make my voice heard.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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