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The project is called bitcoin myk. It's already a token on hive engine and the interface is already in use.So it's already built i think it should win a nobel prize. It not only automatically curates what you do. it distinguishes an average value of what you do and sends out tokens in relation to that value. So the example of the person receiving more for a comparable post does not happen. Both posts would earn the same. Manual curation is still possible as well. So you can still upvote its just that its not stakeweighted and all community members votes are equal. So it covers most issues with that. Nearly 14,000 accounts already have the token.

What's great about it is the governance model is based on group communities and not those with the most stake. Not sure if you read this article with not just problems with decentralization in pob but most tribes.

It also predates pob as a deflationary coin and the token reduces in supply against transactions. Because our model is constructed this way and already built. We believe we can potentially get 100 million users on the system. this is the site link https://www.bitcoinmyk.com

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