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You're not wrong you're correct but not in the way you think. For instance bots are a way to correct the problem it's just that right now bots aren't being used properly. So when i first came to these dpos systems. I realized that the problems in dpos would have to be solved with a bot.

So manual curation is never going to work. Even if you got one benevolent whale who has the time to curate posts he's still going to be missing alot its still not going to be fair for some adn this is an achilles heel for dpos systems. As you underlined it doesn't seem fair to put the same people in your autovoter that you feel will upvote you back... that is part of your conclave. etc., so what happens to curating good content.. that goes out the window.. it's no way that will ever be handled fair.. i knew this one girl who received over $100 in upvotes everyday from community members on her posts.. I just found it hard to believe that everyday her posts were worth that much. That's an ongoing known common problem we haven't done anything to resolve. It looks bad to outsiders and us in crypto.

We know it looks bad and i think it does hurt us. So a project i started we have a unique system that i think shoudl win a nobel prize. We were able to understand that with conclave voting with no competitive pricing.. with people writing the same comparable value content and some earning 4 cents and others earning $100 on essentially comparable content. We were able to quickly understand we'd never be able to create a fair or accurate or balanced curation system.. unless we understood one thing.

That one thing is that content is subjectively valued but attention value depends on the metric of "time" As to say your attention value to let's just say and advertiser or a community attention... is valued the same per person to some degree. So we were able to create what we call the proof of participation model which takes what you do and puts it in an algo that generates you coins based on an average of what you do.. So say for instance you write a post gets alot of attention same attention value and time.. as well as upvotes as the next person.. The system still pays you a certain amount of tokens automatically there is no human mind behind this

Now interesting enough manual curation is still possible but there is a fair system of automated curation that covers everyone. So i think this is the new future model for this sorta thing. I think its going to make our project successful because it does away with the stigma.. Everybody feels this sense of fairness and it bothers and disturbs communities. So in alleviating that i find thats the answer.

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