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Yes Bitcoin MYK or the anagram.. (M)aking (Y)our crypto with (K)nowledge. Is basically a bitcoin fork on hive engine. So the token is created on hive engine uses all the scot protocol so its as safe as hive engine is going to be. It does have wrapped versions of the tokens on other chains but the same supply. As to say we wrap the token on hive engine and if you're on another chain and want to use the token you can use a collateralized version of the token.

The model is different than a proof of stake model to gain consensus or a for profit model. So if you have bitcoin you automatically get btcmyk free in relation to the bitcoin. Your value is predicated on a merit based system and the supply comes from the tokens bitcoin holders dont claim either because they lose their password or they just aren't interested.. those tokens go back into circulation and are paid out to the rest of the community in a form of ubi or what they do on the platform. so just logging in daily earns you ubi.

Without being biased i think its the most secure token out there and the most likely to succeed. Simply because it works more like an actual currency model than a speculation model. So most tokens i have to buy its like a subscription service with us its a freemium service similar to how many mainstream social media sites gained billions of dollars. facebook now almost valued at $1 trillion.

We think its the most decentralized because in retrospect you're going to have probably the widest distribution model in crypto and the most fair. Remember you can buy the token on third party exchanges but you can't buy tokens and move them to the platform. All earnings and participation is fair and you have to use it to earn.. You can't really cheat the system or use money to overcome it in that fashion.

The project is lightweight and sustainable and can run for like 500 years. So yes very difficult to find issues in this project. Some would say they feel the platform is centralized etc., but even if there are levels of centralization much like we're finding out most tribes are and even hive to a great degree. The content is on a decentralized blockchain..The votes take place from group owners and the community on blockchains. So its very transparent to see if there are issues and again with the wide distribution we plan to have.. most of the issues of decentralization are going to be present in distribution of wealth. As to say if you own most of the coins the coins are actually the code of the network. So its not just money. You can control the network. So because our model will be so fair on distribution and widespread as its a freemium service model we feel ultimately we'll achieve the closest version of decentralization atleast in areas it matters.

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