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Yes we do but i believe fairness is a false idea. I'll give you a quick example. In america retirement age has been around 67.. in france decade ago it got moved up to 60 years old, lol. Which means in france people were retiring in their 50's.. so they started a riot in france and started setting things on fire. Meanwhile in the united states they were considering raising retirement age.. Which was fair? which is right and wrong?

The thing is doesn't even matter someone elses fair is another persons wrong.. The problem is the perception of the people matter. The problem around hive and why i think it can never grow with that type of user base. Is because the posts show earnings .. you got stakeholders whether they playing favorites or not people will always have this stigma and seeing that the distribution rate i'm sure is probably something like 1% of the hive network probably owns something like 50-90% of the entire platform i dont think thats escapable.

So proving you own the bitcoin is quite easy. It only requires a wallet signature. So you do need a wallet that you can sign a transaction with. If you don't want to sign a wallet you can use exchanges that have systems to honor our work like the waves exchange but the problem is if you don't have your bitcoin on waves then there is no way to verify you own them.

So you need to be able to do either or to claim the bitcoin myk free. The other part is obviously the price of btcmyk is in its beginning phase but its many times over more deflationary than btc.. it's deflating on every transaction. So the supply will end up 4x less than the btc supply. So the point of claiming your btcmyk from btc holdings is to protect in case it goes to thousands of dollars etc.,, then you have your holdings.. i think at this point in time you can acquire them so easily that its not that important at this time however...

In a future where btcmyk is hard to get.. As the supply dwindles if you're a bitcoin holder.. then thats going to come in handy as its going to give you a right...to claim btcmyk when nobody else can buy them cheaper. You'll still have that right as long as you own btc.

What we like about this approach is will make it easier for us to gain btc network effect. So we can easily inherit the millions of btc holders to push us to one of the projects with the most wallets and i think thats possible as we don't operate on a for profit business but more like a monetary system. So the entire system is about the network and wallets and we don't really play the stake game and all that. We don't feel that works ultimately.

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