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Yes we don't include hive signer on the platform. There are several reasons why. The first part is if we're to get 100 million users.. we can't have difficult systems to onboard people. So bitcoinmyk.com first acts as a transitional system. The next part is bitcoin myk system is multichain and doesn't occur on the hive engine blockchain.

You can think of it like leo and ethereum. You have a leo token on ethereum but the platform itself is not ethereum based. So bitcoin myk tokenization occurs on hive engine but the platform itself does not because it would be too difficult to gain alot of new users. So it works as a collateralized version. Bitcoin MYK exist on several blockchains.

The system operates more similar to eos voice. You can not purchase the tokens on the platform you can purchase third party them on exchanges but can't move them to the platform. as it only accepts our stable coin for purchase of products or the bbd dollar. The btcmyk token is meant to be a merit based fair system so you can only earn tokens on the platform and withdraw to your hive keychain wallet or other supporting btcmyk wallets. You can not purchase stake on our platform and thats done on purpose as again this experiment is about being the most merit based and fair system

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