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Well the thing is i was thinking do they even need the actors anymore? Ai systems can remix sounds and combine voices and cgi actors and all that. Even now it's pretty darn good. Imagine in 10 years i don't think they will even need that. The thing is it goes even further than that. It's not just can an ai system replace some repetitive task work some place. No ai will replace all human creativity even your writing.

That's the crazy part people thinking about oh it's not going to be a need for us to worry about the 4th industrial revolution let's get through that and everyone becomes computer programmers and elon musk types. So that's what they thinking. the problem is the computers making better music then these stupid electronic dj's and people still acting like they blind as a bat and not taking any actions or looking for any solutions about this massive problem. they rather focus on building games. No these artificial minds will be better writers, and entertainers and musicians and artist than you all. I'm already tired of listening and reading and watching movies with you all in it. The computer and ai may be more entertaining then many of the $20 plus my date so that comes to $200 .. they may be more entertaining maybe the movies will be cheaper without these mediocre actors and i can maybe pay cheaper than $20 a movie. that's how i feel about it.

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