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2 years ago - 3 minutes read

Exactly and here's my problem with you crypto people. Your flagships right now are games. Okay i'm not against games i can see games providing somewhat of a solution. Maybe you all sit home all day playing games and you earn a living or whatever. I saw this dystopia televsion show called black mirror where humans no longer have anything to do. So they simultaneously ride an exercise bike and watch advertisments constantly all day all night they go to sleep watching ads and that's how humans as a society make a living now in a tech advanced dystopian world.

My problem with you guys is that even if that's the case or what you term as a solution. I've looked at the data and the top performing games still gain no more than about 100 million users. Bitcoin supposedly has 100 million users. You gotta take me out of the equation as well as i'm not a gamer so what i'm suppose to do lol.

In evolutionary biology if you study it. The maximum storage capacity of our craniums have been reached. It can't get any bigger unless we walk around like those aliens with a head so big it can barely support our necks. For the life of me i don't understand the incredible high level of ignorance in one of the most advanced technologies right now this face of the earth.

I don't get why you all don't see this as a main problem you all should go after in this space. You still looking to find that needle in the haystack business idea or something. We are efficient at finding next technology businesses that make the world better. We are not efficient at dealing with the job displacement it causes at this level.

Why would that not be your focus. We've done the grunt of the work creating these ubi systems that offer solutions. We've done automated curation systems on our platforms to keep you all from turning the space into a giant pyramid ponzi scheme which you all constantly do time and time again. THere is an old proverb you can bring a horse to water but you can't make them drink"

You all gotta put aside this old imploding capitalist model. Even in the face of it's doom you all still try to hold on to it. You see the world falling apart you still either promote it or bury your heads in the sand. it is asinine ..it is futile it is ignorant and it is dumb.

You walk in your supermarkets and your factories and you see once was a sea of people working. Now you can barely find one actual human being. I do it all the time. In the west we live in a place where there is very little manufacturing of anything anymore and certainly not by a human being. The answer we get is we surpassed the last several industrial revolutions. Those examples aren't even applicable. Do you all have your priorities even a little bit straight? I think not. The only reason i preach still to this day. I don't have to people either accept ubi or not it's always going to be that way. It's always going to be those that do and those who lost.

I do it because i remember an old bible mythology about john the baptist crying out in the wilderness" and yet the end of jerusalem did come and end brought down by the romans":

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