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Then I finally decided to pull the trigger and start saving for @MyRV and so far so good!

I haven't had much extra money lately, it's all going to bills and debt right now, but in another 13 months or so I will be in the green and can start this new adventure. Indeed, I don't want to wait another 3 years to get started, but regardless this blog is documenting my journey!

In 2021 I started, in 2022 I was consistent in focusing on my goal. In 2023 I plan to 10x the value in @MyRV and start seriously inquiring at dealerships about deals. I also plan to look into Auctions that take place, there are many unsold RVs but I will need the cash first.

Travelling for work keeps me busy right now, but eventually I will travel for pleasure. I want to see my country, driving east and west across Canada. I would like to travel North in the Summer, and see all that I can see, and then drive South in the Winter.

It may well be 3 years before I get my RV, it might be even longer. I have saved 77.190 HBD here, it didn't happen instantly, but I am now 1.5% of the way to a $5000 down payment.


If anyone would like to help, please donate 10 HIVE or 5 HBD!