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7 months ago - 1 minutes read

On a long enough timeline even what I have saved will hopefully go on saving.


If I can commit just 10 HBD more every month in 2023 to @MyRV savings Of course there are no guarantees, but for this RV in the future this looks like gas and if I can save 100 HBD more in 2023 it would dramatically increase chances of success but there are no guarantees that HBD will remain as it is now for such a long period.


73.139 HBD are only worth 0.00354892 BTC today, but if I can save 5000 HBD and swap for 0.25 BTC around current prices or below, then I have a good chance of reaching my goals.


And here you can see if I can cram another 95 HBD each week into savings for just one year that I will reach 5000. When will be the perfect time to buy BTC again? You have to DYOR to find out.

I am saving for a Fleetwood Tioga! If you would like to help,

please donate 10 HIVE or 5 HBD!