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This is a ledger smart-contract which is saving HBD for an RV in the future. A year ago I was tired of not having purchased an RV, which I wanted to do in 2011. I looked back at all that I have earned, and paid in rent, and spent on material things which have been lost, consumed, destroyed or stolen.

All of these things are meaningless in the long term vision I have for my life. I have an emotional attachment to the possibilities associated with these boxes of sentimental items. I realize now that many of these papers I have kept over the years, are best simply burned in a fire pit.

Then I don't have to worry about carrying them from place to place. As I sort through my "Doom Boxes" I will remember that each one eliminated is a step closer to freedom from the weight of their gravity. The belongings I have accumulated over the past 7 years have been good, my younger self would be quite pleased with my acquisitions. However my younger self lacked certain knowledge.

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And now at this age my family and friends caution me about living in an RV, but the truth is that I basically live in one already. For work I travel in a vehicle about the same size as an RV, although sleeping in the front seat or the back is not as comfortable as these modern motor homes.

Regardless of where I choose to rest my head, the dawn will come and my day will commence. The major concern I have at this phase, although I am just saving, is planning for the future. I would like to acquire some land I own in full, not by the bank but outright among friends or myself alone.

I have been suggesting in regards to the "plan" for the future, to get out of debt, and to save up $5000. In 2027, we will see who shows up at the table, and what we can do. If we can buy some land, and maybe even develop a part of it for real estate, then my RV will have a space to park.

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And until that time, I have this dream to keep me focused on what matters. Saving 10% of all I earn, as a first law of wealth. And then to invest it, both these are accomplished when you save HBD. Perhaps @MyRV will show you what is possible for your own life. Every $100 you put away today could (if current rules remain the same) return plus interest in 7 years. Can I sacrifice satisfying the temporary whims of my ego, for a better future? One I will thank myself for creating?

Had I the knowledge or method by which I could compound my earnings, which seem to never be enough, I might now have sources of income from those investments to pay for the day to day.


@MyRV now earns about 1.340 HBD per month on saved Hive Dollars, and after a year I see that I am right on track to reach my goals. Perhaps with a little more commitment and hopefully your support, I will increase the amount of HBD in savings over the next 10 years in anticipation.

Realistically, my goal is to put at least 25,000 HBD into savings as soon as possible. That is a target of $70 USD each day. The way to get HBD for me is blogging about my ledger, travel plans, and the ai blueprint for the onboard intelligence. I will livestream from the road and decal it with an HBD logo.

I am saving for a Fleetwood Tioga! If you would like to help,

please donate 10 HIVE or 5 HBD!