When The Joke Goes Totally Wrong

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3 months ago - 2 minutes read

I wonder if there’s anyone in this world who doesn’t like jokes. I highly doubt that. Jokes are good for us all and they help us release stress. Once in a while we all need to let out walls down and have some fun, laugh your heart out and smile.

We mostly joke around with our friends and play a few pranks here and there. I’m not saying it is wrong but, sometimes we go too far. No one is perfect but sometimes we should learn to not cross our boundaries and apologise when we know we are wrong.

I quite remember an incident that happened in senior high school. I was a day student and so I was coming to school from the house everyday unlike the boarders who stayed on campus. Due to this, I wasn’t eating same meals with the boarders. I mostly ate from the school canteen with the other day students.

One day , during break time my purse containing my feeding money and transportation fare went missing. I remember keeping it in my school bag after assembly so how come it disappeared when it was break time.

I asked those sitting around me if they had seen it but the all said no. I asked my close friends in class and they also said no but, I didn’t believe them because they kept on giggling. I realised they were playing a prank on me so I told them I needed my purse cos I needed money to buy food. They all acted serious and said it wasn’t with them.

A few minutes later they came to tell me the purse was with them. So I asked them for it and we went to fetch it from where they had kept it. Guess what? The purse was nowhere to be found. They were all shocked. I thought it was another joke so I started to get pissed cos it was almost time for the break to be over and I hadn’t eaten yet.

They now started to search for the purse and it was nowhere to be found. It was break over and the purse was still not found. They then came to inform me that they were just playing a prank on me but the purse was missing.

I was so pissed I just said okay to them. I didn’t eat the whole day and I didn’t want to take food or money from anyone. At closing time I didn’t even have money for transportation so I had to use a teachers phone to call home so that I can be picked from school.